Damsel In A Dress

Damsel In A Dress


“Damsel in a dress”

“Damsel in this dress”
Just not..

“Damsel in distress”


FUCK that outdated saying, which indicates a woman’s need to be rescued. What would that do for you as a person? Most people now aren’t looking for someone to save them. We want to do that ourselves, we want to make the mistakes, learn from them…grow! Fail, try again; Fail, try something new… grow! The only way we are losing is if you aren’t actively playing the game. Sitting and waiting for someone to come rescue you will work for a while, but eventually you will just end up more lost then before.

Save yourself.

I am not saying you do not need people. We all need people who are willing help you navigate through the journey for support but leave the control fully in your hands. They should help you keep going and remind you of who you are and how much you are capable of. Yet, remember do not rely on them solely for your future, your happy, and your mental.

Sabrina Claudio said it best when she said..

“Comfortably indulging
And tryna get to know me
I'm just an outline of what I used to be
Constantly evolving
Steadily revolving

I am confidently lost
I don't need you to find me
You don't define me
I am confidently lost
I don't need you to find me
'Cause I'm not hiding”

“Thinking about where I've gone
Where I'm going
And I wouldn't change it for the world
Thinking about where I'm from
If I belong there
But I wouldn't change it for anything”


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